We are a mother and daughter team that hang together, shop together and we see lots of dogs left in cars.  Cars parked in the direct sunlight at strip malls, lifestyle centers and malls in the New England area (and of course, across our country and beyond).  We KNOW that OWNERS LOVE THEIR DOGS SO MUCH, they just can’t leave them at home “ALONE!”  Taking them for a “quick” trip to the mall is the last thing you should do, really!!  You probably say to yourself, “I will only be in the store for 5 minutes”,  then before you know it, your dog may be in a hot car for up to 30 minutes and sometimes longer.

Our aim is to gather as much information on this topic/issue for all and then share it, so that you are aware of the dangers.   We want to stop this issue of dogs failing and dying in your car or at the veterinary hospital.  We will continue to add new info, so that we can all BECOOL and KEEP OUR DOGS COOL.  Please help us do that……spread the BECOOLDOG word.